Turkish Lamb Wraps

Making delicious and budget-friendly meals becomes effortless with the right spices. I made Turkish lamb wraps using National Seekh Kabab Masala, and they turned out amazing. Give them a try and let me know your feedback in comments!!

I Made It


For Mince Filling:

  • In a pan add oil, beef mince, national seekh kabab masala, red pepper, sumac, paprika, ginger garlic paste, salt and tomato juice.

For Salad:

  • Dice onion, dice garlic, dice tomato and dice cucumber.
  • Add seasonings and parsley.

For white Sauce:

  • Add yogurt, mayonnaise, cucumber and seasonings. Mix and let it rest.


For Mince Filling:

  • Cook until water is dried and meat is done.

For white Sauce:

  • Take tortillas cut them half ( so that they can wrap well) add fillings wrap them add toothpick on top and serve.