Steam Fried Tandoori Chargha

Chicken Chargha is a delicious whole chicken with skin marinated in spices, steamed and then deep fried in hot oil. When cooked using National Chicken Tandoori Mix it becomes truly magnificent. Definitely a must have!

I Made It



  • Wash the whole chicken properly, place diagonal cuts on the meat with a sharp knife, on the side mix vinegar with saffron color and cut lemon into half and dip lemon half into saffron mix, and rub all over on the whole chicken, inside out properly.
  • On the side mix 1 cup Yogurt, ½ pack National Tandoori Masala, 1 tbsp National Ginger Garlic Paste, 1 tbsp National Chili Powder, 1 tsp National Cumin Powder, 1 tsp Lemon juice, 1 tsp crushed red pepper, ajwain / carom, crushed black pepper and mix well. Now grease this Masala / yogurt mix onto whole chicken properly. Once properly marinated let it rest for at least 1 hour either outside or inside the refrigerator.
  • Now Steam chicken on medium flame, don’t forget to tress the chicken before steaming it. Once steamed, keep pan on the side.
  • Heat Oil in a wok and deep fry Tandoori Chargha till its light golden brown. Just add back the fried Chargha back to the same pan and add back a cup of oil in which it was fried on to the top of chicken with spoonful of National Chat Masala. Cover the pan with a lid and let it simmer on slow flame for another 5-10 minutes.
  • Just before serving add a spoonful of corn flour in water and add it to pan, it makes a light sauce which really adds that richness to the chicken. You can also keep the same sauce on the side as well, when serving delicious Tandoori Chargha.