Achari Daal Chawal

Daal never tasted this great before! Try it out with National Mixed Pickle and treat your taste buds with the ever so delectable flavors.

I Made It


For Bhagar


  • Prepare a mixture of 4-5 boiled and mashed potato and tomatoes and dissolve in ½ liter of water. Add 1 tsp of salt. Keep stirring until completely blended.
  • Once blended pour it in a deep pan.
  • Add two cups of water so that it is remains liquid.
  • Let it simmer on medium flame
  • Add 1 tbsp of National Red Chilli Powder and National Turmeric Powder along with ½ cup Tamarind juice with 3-4 green chilies and 10-15 curry leaves.
  • Add 3 tbsp National Mango Pickle to the broth.
  • The broth will be ready once green chilies turn soft that’s a very good indicator to check whether broth is cooked properly or not.
  • Switch off the flame once the broth is ready.
  • Make a baghar in a pan, heat ½  cup cooking oil in a pan and add 1 tbsp National Cumin Seeds, 10-15 curry leaves and 3-4 whole red pepper. Let it simmer on medium to high flame till chillies turn black or dark brown.
  • Pour the simmering baghar over broth.
  • Enjoy amazing Achari Daal with steamed rice.