Fried Pasta Salad

Recipe Contributed by Made Easy Community Member : Afreen aslam

Meal type: appetiser
  • 00-10 min
  • 15-30 min
  • 4
Recipe Cusine:




  • Boiled pasta 1 cup
  • National Salt as per taste
  • National Tomato Ketchup 2 tbsp
  • National Mayonnaise 2 tbsp
  • Red chili flakes half tsp
  • Olive oil 2 tbsp
  • Lemon juice 2 tbsp
  • Cucumber half cup
  • Tomatoes half cup
  • Sweet corn half cup
  • Tomatoes half cup
  • Flour 2 tbsp
  • Oil for frying


  • Mix flour and lil bit salt in boiled pasta and deep fry in oil till golden color.
  • Mix all vegetables in a bowl.
  • In a separate bowl add national salt, national ketchup, national mayonnaise , olive oil, red chili flakes fried pasta, mix well.
  • Now pour this mixture on vegetables and mix well now top them with fried pasta.