Ultimate food hacks to save time

food hacks
Are you tired of ordering out day after day? Those long commutes and unbelievable city traffic leaving you incapable of cooking for yourself? Well, do we have some food hacks for you! We, at National Foods, know the comfort and relief that a simple homecooked meal can bring after a long tiring day and we are here to help you attain that in the limited amount of time presented to you. These surprisingly easy but very convenient food hacks will help save a big chunk of your time in the kitchen and allow you to cook your favorite meals even when you’re in a race against the clock. Scroll down right now and begin perusing our tried and tested kitchen techniques and get baffled by how well they work! You’ll find yourself showering us with gratitude later.

1. Removing the eggshells from the egg

Tiny shell fragments may fall into the yolk while cracking an egg. Scoop out the broken eggshell parts using half of your previously cracked eggshell. The shell acts like a magnet, collecting shell fragments while wasting very few eggs. Or if you feel like it’s too much hassle, just put your finger underwater and dip it into the eggs to attract the shells yourself. How’s that for some egg hacks?

2. Microwaving lemons to juice faster

Lemons can be difficult to extract juice from. Soak the fruit in heated water for 5 to 10 seconds or microwave it for the same length of time. (The heat softens the juicy portions.) After a good roll on the counter, you should have a zesty lemon ready to squeeze over your food. Another one of these kitchen hacks with lemon is squeezing the lemon into your cupped hands to separate all the seeds. The juice would fall from between your fingers while the seeds remain there.

3. Peel potatoes without a peeler

Do you dread peeling potatoes? It’s time to put away the peeler! We’re here with a cooking hack called Blanching. The process involves boiling the potato for a few minutes and then immersing it in an ice bath. The peel will detach from the potatoey base and may be easily removed.

4. Getting pomegranate seeds to your plate

Pomegranate seeds are worth their weight in gold, especially if you’re putting in the effort to pick them out separately. Instead, try this kitchen tip: cut the fruit in half and open it carefully with your fingers. Smack the skin with a spoon while placing the cut side down over a plate. The seeds will immediately start falling!

5. Peeling garlic in a blink

Peeling garlic might be a difficult task, but it does not need to be. Place a clove of garlic in a jar with a cover and shake rapidly for 15-20 seconds. The garlic bulbs almost peel themselves, and you can remove the husks and start working right away. Another kitchen tip for peeling garlic is removing all of the cloves from the bulb and striking each one with the side of a chef’s knife. The skin will just fall off.

6. Shredding your chicken

Shredding chicken for tortillas, burritos, salads, and other dishes may be time-consuming if done with a fork. This easy hack will save you a lot of time: Put the chicken in a basin (plastic is best) and shred it with a hand mixer in seconds. Just be sure to have the hand mixer on the lowest possible setting. Otherwise, you can end up with chicken all over the place! Click here to learn more about other must-have utensils in your kitchen.

7. Store your peels and scraps

It may not seem like much time to run back and forth to the trash can to toss away waste from the fruits and veggies, but it adds up when you’re attempting to speed up the meal prep process. The option is to keep all the scraps and peels in the same dish throughout the cooking process and then discard them at the end. You could even compost the scraps, but it will take considerably more than a minute.