The Art of Bite Sized Food

Fewer ingredients, more flavor & a lot of experimentation make bite-sized food very interesting. It is tough to take your eyes off beautiful canapés, isn't it? To make interesting appetizers from Asian/Pakistani food is a challenge as we are not used to plating food separately, but our flavors can surely be a crowd-pleaser. To master the art of bite-sized food, keep some tricks up your sleeves & please your guests.

Presentation matters

It is all about good looks & first impressions even with food. Bite-sized food often needs quite an effort to look beautiful along with tasting great. Find inspiration from magazines, Pinterest & other sources, and never stop experimenting.

Less is more

Always go for fewer ingredients but flavors that work together. Ideally, canapés are said to have 3 to 5 ingredients, but you’ve got to pick them carefully. Put a gol gappa in a soup spoon, fill it with boiled potatoes, drizzle some sweet n sour tamarind sauce with chaat masala & you’re done.

No Mess

Individual bites make it easier for you to clean up the after-party mess. Use toothpicks or shashlik sticks to present food on a platter. Soup bowls make an impressive finger food platter. Remember, bite-sized food must be easy enough to grab n go, leaving no remains.

Timing is everything

Assemble your bites at the right time to avoid the sogginess of the base. If you’re using a crispy base (crackers, puff pastry, or samosa patti) you need to be really careful with assembling the canapes as it can get soggy real quick. Use a piece of cheese slice, lettuce, or pepperoni as the first topping to keep the cracker base crisp. Viola!

My Desi Food bites Ideas

Stick-o-kebabs – Shami kebab batter rolled into a kofta shape, dipped in egg & crumbs to be deep-fried. Use shashlik sticks to hold it or put the kebabs in a glass standing tall.

Creamy Dates n nuts – Deseed a soft black date, cut it in half, and put some crushed almonds & pistachios on each piece. Finish with some fresh whipped cream, adding a few silvers flakes & a rose petal.

Inspired to host a party now? I am sure you are.

When it comes to deciding what to serve on your bite-sized menu, the sky’s the limit. Everyone loves finger food in a party mood. You just need to make the flavors work together in the most beautifully presented platter. Challenge yourself and find inspiration.