Pakistani Traditions That Are Forever


They say home is where the heart is, and we could not agree more. We may be living oceans away from Pakistan, but our hearts belong there, reminding us of our roots, culture & traditions.

Here are 4 Pakistani traditions that stay with you forever.

1. Meethi Eid ka Meetha

One does not simply celebrate meethi Eid without a traditional dessert. Our personal favorites are Sheer Korma, Khoya Wala Zarda, or Shahi Tukrey. Not to forget the sweet aroma that follows next that constantly reminds you that Eid is here!

2. Iftari ka Dastarkhwan

Who else remembers fighting with their siblings over setting up the iftari dastarkhwan? And yes, the struggle was real if you had to do it post Iftar. We still do that! But these little fights and banters are nothing in comparison to the feeling of celebrating togetherness with good wholesome desi food. It just doesn’t feel like Ramzan without it.

3. Weekend ki Special Biryani

Growing up in Pakistan, having biryani on Fridays was a standard ritual for almost every household. Or it might have been Sunday for some. We take our biryani (without ilaichi) very seriously, here across the border too. So much so that our special National biryani is now the most popular dish amongst all our foreign friends and neighbors. Move over diamonds, because biryani is forever!

4. The Great BBQ Marathon

Bakra Eid and BBQ parties go hand in hand. They just never seem to end. Even after years away from Pakistan, the great BBQ marathon is what we like to call it. Seekh kebabs, Afghani boti, Namkeen gosht, hunter beef and the list go on.

Some traditions never get old, because the joy and warmth they bring to our lives is worth more than any other riches.

Long live our traditions, long live Pakistan!