Life As A Pakistani Expat

Living far away from family, friends and our country is one of the hardest decisions we have ever taken. To start a fresh life in a new country with a foreign culture without compromising on our religious values and customs is not an easy feat. The support and communication systems that exist today were not present a few decades ago. Expat life around the world used to be of isolation, lacking frequent communication with loved ones. Fortunately, today, things are different. Technology, social media, and online blogging have revolutionized the life of ex-pats largely.

There are numerous challenges and obstacles faced while living abroad but there is also the hope of a better future. One often questions the decision to move away from home and periods of homesickness are all too common. So, what keeps us going? I believe the two most important factors that comfort ex-pats the most are friends and food. Friends are a family away from family while food keeps us connected to our roots. After all, food is a celebration of life in Pardes!



Subtle changes have bigger impacts – from karak chai to coffee, bazaar to malls, clinic to practice, kadu to zucchini, Cornetto to Cold Stone, rickshaw to subways, bun kebabs to filo-fish, maids to self-made. As we take charge of our lives more closely and in a more hands-on approach, our hidden potentials are unleashed. Craving for home-cooked desi food means you cannot get away without cooking. Eventually, you transform into a home chef in no time. The culinary journey of an ex-pat starts from knowing and finding the ingredients, spices, and lentils at the grocery store all the while distinguishing between ingredients through their looks and appearances instead of Googling every time you get confused between “Moong” and “Masoor”. Practice makes you perfect! The more you cook, the better it gets. Sharing food is usually the next natural step. When you cook well, you want to share the joy with your friends and in return, the appreciation is always rewarding.

National has made life easy and stress-free with their spices and recipe masalas. It is hard to put the feeling into words of seeing National masala or other items from Pakistan on grocery store shelves. A novice can cook like a pro with the help of National’s diverse range of recipes and spices.

See Green Biryani Recipe

From quorma to keema, bar-b-que to kebabs, pulao (simple, Punjabi yakhni, biryani, memoni) and biryani (simple, chicken, ghost, Bombay, Sindhi) and many more; Steaks/Chops Masala, Kabsa Rice, Chicken Reshmi Boti/Kebabs and Pulao Biryani are the ones that really stand out and are always stocked in my pantry.

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Traditional Pakistani flavors and cuisine are an integral part of our ex-pat lifestyle and National provides that taste of home in all our food indulgences. No matter where you live around the world, social lives always revolve around the dining table. Get-togethers and sharing food are our most valuable customs. I trust National for their flavorful and aromatic spices and recipe masalas for my great culinary expeditions and look forward to the next time I visit a grocery store to find National Masalas on the shelf.

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