For The Love Of Biryani

Biryani is considered a Mughlai crowned dish that has its origins in the royal courts of the Subcontinent. It is a dish that has taken the heart of South Asians, Middle Easterners, and even Europeans. For me, Biryani has always been a happy meal. Being a food fanatic, I always try to explore the traditional tastes of any dish in its utmost locality.

My love affair with Biryani began at an early age even before my education did. The first time I had the golden ‘Aloo wali biryani’ was at my uncle’s place. The aroma and taste of that biryani still linger on my tastebuds to this day. It was pure joy, and as I ate as much as my little stomach could hold, it marked the start of my love for the dish that continues to grow to this day. AND ALOO IS A MUST.

The key indicators that make up a good plate of biryani are a balance of spice, aroma, texture, and a healthy serving. A lot of variations of biryani exist today such as the Bombay Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, Lucknow Biryani, etc. My ideal version of a good biryani has always been close to Sindhi Biryani, which has a mild taste infused with strong spices served with yogurt. It has a mood-lifting taste that cannot be rivaled by a traditional mellow biryani. Here’s an amazing biryani recipe by Made Easy that all biryani lovers must try.

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Biryani was once a royal dish served in Mughal courts and while the palaces do not exist anymore, the dis does. It rules the hearts of many food lovers and has spread from the streets to lunch boxes and continues its march into the kitchen of the most modern connoisseurs.

My passion for a good plate of biryani served with green mint chutney (sauce) cannot be compared to any other dish in the culture. It can cure my mood, and my appetite and has been a part of my memories with my friends and family. Eating biryani with my father after school time is a memory, I hold very close to my heart even to this day.

My love for a well-made biryani has been constant and it has not changed throughout my life. I have tasted different variations of biryani in many parts of the world, and I have loved each one in its own way. Biryani will always be art to me, a storybook, an expectation. It will always remind me that food has the power to change one’s mood and energy. That a good aromatic plate of biryani is always a happy sight!