Eating Healthy Is Now #MadeEasy

Want to make sure that you are following a balanced diet and eating healthy? Here are some tips to make all your meals favorable to your health:

1. Add vegetables and fruits to your daily meal intake.

2. Use whole grain over refined grain, like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, wheat flour, oats, and barleys varied with dishes or in salads and soups.

3. Increase your daily protein intake by incorporating different proteins into your meals like beans, meat, chicken, and seafood but take it in moderate portions. Seafood will provide you with omega-3 and other benefits including reducing inflammation, maintaining heart health, and promoting brain function.

4. Add healthy fats into your diet like dry fruits and nuts.

5. Add eggs into your diet, they are rich in protein and provide nutrients to your body.

6. Instead of boiling or frying your food, try to bake or roast it and you will see a positive impact on your health.

7. To maintain a balanced diet, choose healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil to cook your food.

8. Cut down your salt intake and replace it with alternative seasonings such as pepper, herbs, spices, lemon juice, vinegar, or mustard.

9. Cut down your sugar intake, it will help reduce the risk of diseases like high blood pressure and prevent diabetes.

10. A secret to eating healthy is to use organic and fresh ingredients in your diet instead of frozen or processed foods.