Easy by Fatsos

In a conversation with Maha Jawed, the owner of Easy by Fatsos, we learn about the hard work, trial-and-error along with planning that goes behind putting forward the most scrumptious doughnuts Karachi has ever had!

Easy, or as they say, 'A Friendly Carb-Factory' and a 'Hub of Comfort Food', stays true to its essence. The restaurant offers a wide range of comfort food like Karachi Style Hot Dogs, Ricotta and Rocket Pizza, Mac & Cheese, Burgers, Bao Sliders, a refreshing Rose Lemonade to beat Karachi's heat, along with a variety of doughnuts.

This video explores Maha's vision and her struggles to bring something unique to Karachi. She also gives out great tips for those of you starting your own eateries, so get down to watching this!