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The table in the For selected instruments mode always shows the instruments selected in the Trading Preferences. This allows you to see the quotes even for those instruments you do not have open positions for, and to open new positions. All the instruments available are shown by default. You can re-enable the instruments in the trading preferences. Some tables on the page have context menus linked to them. The context menu is opened by clicking on a table; it provides access to the operations which you can carry out with the selected table or data row.

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We know the frustrations and what it’s like to make expensive errors. Most importantly we went through the process of becoming consistent, and the equally important process of remaining so. Since the full conversion is not for the currencies with zero balance, no x marker is displayed for them. As soon as the amount is set, the only thing for you to do to is to press the Buy, or Sell button. There are prompting messages on how the position will change as a result of the trade, under the buttons. You can hide the menu with the button to save space on your screen.

Мобильное приложение Forex4you Trader Room — удобство использования Личного кабинета в вашем мобильном телефоне!

A new webinar is created each day, members can access the webinar via a link available in the Member Zone. GoToWebinar works on all desktop computers and mobile phones. There is also a Live Trade Room member chat window accessed via the Member Zone. This is so members can discuss the Live Trade Room trades with the professional session trader and the other members.

New version password entry is difficult

We look to trade indices, Forex, oil gold and some stocks / equities. This broad range gives us constant opportunities to trade on all time frames and teach you both day trading and longer-term swing trading. This allows us to provide education and live trades to people who are in different circumstances with their personal and working lives.

The filter allows viewing the active orders for the specified instrument. The current filter state which is either the selected instrument or All, is displayed in the table heading. Clicking on the filter state calls the context menu for the filter changing. The same menu allows you to reset the order sorting or to refresh the list.

He came back with a result the next day and took the stated commission from the wallet. A great result, much better than expected and everything done as per what was agreed. I couldn’t be more please with the service and would definitely recommend it. When the Close item is selected, the quotes are displayed as well, but you cannot change the trade amount. The amount is selected automatically to close the position, even if it changes after you have pressed the Buy, or the Sell button.

Moreover, the app enables offline students to receive assignments and tests digitally. They can submit their assignments through the app, which eliminates the need for physical submission. They can utilise the chat feature to reach out to me individually or participate in group discussions with fellow students. This will allow them to clarify doubts, discuss specific topics, and seek guidance remotely.


Clicking on the table row calls a context menu from which you can convert the selected balance. Logging out redirects you to the system logon page, and you cannot get back to your account with your browser Back button. You will need to log on again to continue with your account. We strongly recommend that you sign out with this command, and not just close the TradeRoom window when you want to finish account session.  ends your account session.Logging out redirects you to the logon page, and you cannot get back to your account with your browser Back button.

About Forex opens the Forex market brief overview, its operation principles, and some brief recommendations on how to start working on this market. Trading Hours opens the Trading Hours Information page containing the information about the current trading status (closed or open), and both scheduled and unscheduled trading closing hours. Password opens the Password Change page to change your account password.  opens a help window with the description of the system page opened at the moment.

Messaging is carried out through a SSL protected protocol, is encrypted and gives no access to unauthorized persons. If you have messages unread, their amount is displayed in the parentheses on the right of this item. Funds Transfer calls out the Transfer Order form to send an order to Forexite for funds transfer from your account. Account Funding calls out the Account Funding page which serves to transfer an insurance deposit to Forexite.

  1. Once installed, you will only be able to log-in if you have an existing trading account with your provider.
  2. The main reason is because we probably started out where you are today and are now where you want to be with your trading.
  3. Using this page, you may also send a transfer notification to Forexite personnel and, on virtual accounts, to credit your virtual account with a virtual money to by yourself.
  4. Click on the menu button again to hide the menu if you change your mind.
  5. Password opens the Password Change page to change your account password.
  6. In this case you will get a virtual (demo) account tied to your social network account.

This is the route most who want to trade want to take. The reason why the Trade Room Plus team is so valuable to aspiring traders is that they all have taken this route. From someone first thinking about trading, through to becoming full-time professionals. We’ve been in the position of the complete beginner.


For more information on the orders operations please see Forex and Conversion trading. For example, there will be an envelope icon when you have messages unread. This area is empty when you don’t have any notifications. The developer, Mayank Raj, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.